Blended Phosphates

Water Solutions has a large assortment of blended phosphates that are tailored to the needs of a systems water parameters. Water Solutions was built on its knowledge and expertise with phosphates and remains an area where many utilities go for their advice and counsel on ways to improve their water. Sequestering or Corrosion Control, let Water Solutions help with the correct blend.  

Water Solutions Unlimited most commonly used Blended Phosphates:

                  Primary Uses                                                Liquid Version                  Dry Version

Lead Corrosion and Copper Corrosion                             WSU 110                         WSU 310

Steel Corrosion and Copper Corrosion                             WSU 118                         WSU 318

Iron and Manganese Sequestration                                  WSU 120                         WSU 319

Iron Sequestration and Corrosion Control                       WSU 150 / 158               WSU 350 / 358

Corrosion Control and Sequestration                                WSU 178                        WSU 378

Sequestration and Corrosion Control                                WSU 189                          WSU 389