Water Solutions Unlimited- 30 Years and Counting!

Water Solutions Unlimited, Inc. was started on October 15, 1987. We brought phosphate blends for sequestering iron and manganese to the Midwest marketplace that were approved for use by the U.S. EPA, but never in municipal accounts. This allowed us to hold higher amounts of iron and manganese for longer periods of time. We followed this with corrosion programs for lead, copper and steel. Our corrosion coupon studies used to monitor our programs helped us quickly maximize treatment results.

In 1990 we were the third company in the nation to get our products and facilities NSF Certified. In 1993 we opened our first blending plant for dry and liquid products in Indianapolis, IN. We moved to a larger facility in 1996 and moved to our current home in Camby, IN  in the Fall of 2017. Our market expanded to Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio as well as Indiana during this time period. Our consultant staff was four people at this time.

Water Solutions has served the water industry for over 3 decades

In 1995 we began working with chloramination programs and chemicals. We were the one of the first companies to recognize the effects of natural ammonia and organics coming from aquifers, and made presentations to water conventions throughout our market area. We now have liquid and dry ammonia products, algaecides and bactericides, and products to remove biofilms online.

In 2006 we expanded our programs to Missouri and Iowa. We began working with products and services to clean filters and towers. Within two years we were looking at chemicals that reduced Disinfection By-Products as part of the Stage II Disinfection By-product Rule. We are continuing to add products to help customers with these issues.

Illinois is a major market for Water Solutions. In 2013 we established a second facility and warehouse in East Peoria, IL to assist our consultants with deliveries and service.

In 2016 we began taking our expertise in water quality service to the Agriculture market.  This market has grown rapidly for WSU as cusomters have seen how improved water quality means improve livestock and crops.  We also began working in the waste water arena helping with Phosphorous removal, polymers for dewatering, and FOG / H2S issues in lift stations.   2016 began our work with coagulants and flocculants.