Water Solutions Unlimited is Finally Living up to It’s Name!

by: Nick Stanley, CEO / Founder, Water Solutions Unlimited, Inc.

In October of 1987 on a plane ride back to Texas from Indianapolis, the company name of Water Solutions Unlimited was developed. It was supposed to have a double meaning- 1) unlimited number of recommendations or “solutions” to solve water treatment issues facing municipal water operators, especially dealing with water chemistry problems and 2) an unlimited number of actual treatment chemicals available for use in solving water treatment problems. We were never planning on being an engineering company. We were going to work with municipalities and engineers at the plant and in the distribution system to get things accomplished. We were also going to continue to come back to make sure the “solution” was working. This concept was needed, but not being done in the marketplace.

Over the past 30 years, Water Solutions has lived up to our goals, but in a narrow range of issues. We primarily worked with phosphate based products and a few additional chemicals to improve water quality. We were rightfully chastised by several municipalities who told us that we should be named “Limited” instead of “Unlimited” because there were so many potential problem areas that we weren’t attempting to help clients with. Many of these comments were made as a joke, but our new President, Mike Ricks, didn’t take it as one.

Water Solutions is now truly "Unlimited"

For the past 5 years Mike has changed our focus and direction. Over the next five years Water Solutions will be adding chemicals and services that will allow us to be more “Unlimited” to our clients. Pictures like the one on this page are the type of issues Water Solutions Unlimited can help proved resolutions.  We will be adding specialy & commodity chemicals such as bleach, FSA, sodium bi-sulfite, caustic, sulfuric acids, coagulants, polymers,etc. If municipalities use it, we will consider providing it.

I’m sorry that it took so long to live up to our name. Please forgive us. We won’t let it happen again. We do plan on continuing being a leader in the Midwest of assisting operators out in the field to continuously analyze, train, and evaluate our treatment programs in an attempt to maximize water quality. We thank you for forcing us to live up to our name!